Posted on: January 11, 2010 2:38 am


  • Lakers with homecourt advantage in the Finals this year against the Celtics. Series tied 3-3. Game 7 at Staples Center; Lakers down 105-103 with possession and 4.8 seconds to go. LA calls timeout. PJ in the middle of the huddle chalking the play. Arena filled with beats to "lets go Lakers!".. Referre blows whistle to signal the play to start. 3 seconds of scrambling as Celtics players try to deny their Laker counterparts the ball. Pau inbounds to Odom, Odom passes to a cutting Bryant the the top of the key. 3.2. Pierce guarding Bryant; shuffling his feet to stay ahead of the best player on the planet. Bryant takes 2 dribbles, fakes a crossover, steps behind the 3-point line. 1.1. Jumps, shoots.. 0.4... 18,997 pairs of eyes with bated breath watch the ball arc high and swish the net as the horn goes off!! Championship #16!! Sweet revenge...
  • All Star game 2010. Dallas Cowboys stadium packed to the rafters. All 80,000 fans cheering on as the starters are called. Kobe versus LeBron matchup the awaited one. Kobe goes off for 24 pts, 8 rebs, 3 assists, 5 steals vs. LeBron who goes for 30 pts, 11 rebs, 4 assists. West wins 140-132. Shaq plays in his 16th AS game.
  • The Eastern Conference gets a little more competitive than it is now, where an 8th or 9th seed Western conf. team can easily be in the top 5 in the East.
  • By season end, Kobe cracks the top 10 in scoring in the NBA, all time.
  • Reggie Miller gets laryngitis and quits commentating in NBA games for good! Ditto for Jeff van Gundy and Mark Jackson (mama, there goes that man!)
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